Extended Interview with DDP

A week ago I was given the opportunity to interview someone I used to watch on TV every week. Diamond Dallas Page was a hit wresting entertainer with WCW in the late 1990s and then crossed into WWE after 2000. His finishing move was the Diamond-Cutter, which has a symbol that he made before applying the move (as pictured). Though he doesn’t do much wrestling anymore, the Diamond-Cutter symbol is still made, but now it has a whole new meaning.

DDP is doing yoga now, in a powerful way that is transforming lives. Before I did the interview, I watched this inspirational video featuring a former paratrooper and Gulf War veteran named Arthur. It’s more powerful for you to see his story (video below) to see where he was and where he is now.

My conversation with DDP covered his own saga in and out of wrestling including a massive injury he sustained shortly after making his big break. But on top of yoga he’s also very much into nutrition and organic foods. KACU-FM aired the interview story I produced last week but it only included about 4 minutes of interview segments. There was a lot of great material I couldn’t include in the piece. So I’ve put it here for anyone who wants to hear more and understand more of his Yoga stuff as well as the dynamic impact he’s making can hear it now.

[audio:http://blog.appetizerradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/DDP-ExtendedInt-Podcast-1.mp3|titles=DDP-ExtendedInt-Podcast 1]

Arthur Boorman is one of the success stories tied to DDPYoga. Check out his transformation video here.

Check out DDP’s Youtube Channel to see more videos.

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