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I don’t usually sit and replay the same song over and over again for a few days in a row. The rarity of that happening means that I’ve really either connected with the song emotionally or it’s so cool that it’s stuck in my head and I’d rather actually hear it playing through speakers than just in my mind.  But for the past few days I’ve listened to Adele’s Don’t You Remember over and over again. Studio versions, concert versions, youtube, you name it. It’s wild. I’m not in a lonely, or sad mood. But the song is so gripping, it’s hard to walk away.

I found this track from listening to most of her recent album 21 and looking for a song for our upcoming show this weekend (that will be titled “Songwriting Queens”). Whether you’re a fan of hers or not you can’t deny she has an incredible vocal range. I wanted to showcase that range and that’s why I settled on Don’t You Remember. To me, it illustrates much better than her hit songs like Rolling In The Deep or Someone Like You the fantastic prowess of her vocal chords.


When I heard her sing Rolling In The Deep on the Grammys I admit to being a little disappointed. The reason is because I know she has such an incredible range, which she doesn’t tap into on that song. She has an extra set of vocal chords she can vocalize from that only .05% of the great singers of the world (that’s a VERY tiny fraction) possess. I waited to hear her tap into that other range in Rolling In The Deep and she didn’t, especially in that final chorus. She should have. Oh well.


When you listen to this song, does it do something to you emotionally? It does to me. I feel that anguish and pain, even though it’s not a pain I am experiencing now. It’s heart-breaking. That makes her music so much more powerful for me, because it’s so much more than her amazing talents in singing. There’s something extra there that transforms the song and makes is other than. This is why she’ll one day (if not already) be classified with legendary songwriters like Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and others. I feel the same about Brandi Carlile. What an incredible range and power in her songs to connect with the listener emotionally. Tell me you don’t feel something after hearing this song:

What do you think? What other great female vocalists and songwriters impact you?

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