Oktoberfest in Music

If my birthday wasn’t in November, October would be my favorite month. It’s the time when the seasons start to change from the blistering dry heat of summer into something pleasant. Nature is so relieved when October comes that it starts beautifying itself. Leaves turn from green to yellow and red and auburn and orange.

What about that don’t you love. October is also a month that fostered its own celebration in Europe that has found its way here to America. I don’t know all the history of Oktoberfest in Germany, but I do appreciate what American and European brewers are doing to continue to foster its growth. For a brief period of time, brewers make a special blend of their offering and put it out there for this month. It’s a seasonal thing that doesn’t happen in other months, and for many breweries, it’s some of their best work of the year. There are always seasonal blends of beer. For fans of lighter brews, summer has probably your favorite offerings.

It’s this unique aspect of doing something specifically for a particular time of year that you don’t do any other time that makes the holiness of Oktoberfest so remarkable to me. I stock up on as much Oktoberfest bottled brews as I can and hold on to them for the duration of the year (bottled and placed in a light/temperature-controlled location ensures their longevity). It’s my way of making the season last as long as I can.

While I was in Maine and Massachusetts I got to try some great Oktoberfest and seasonal blends. They include Harvest Lager which is made in Vermont and contains distinct maple syrup flavors, Geary’s Autumn ale which is a local brewery in Portland, and Baxter EPA which I had a Peak Island. It had a nice light flavor with light brown seasonings.

I wondered what this uniqueness of season would sound like if it were music and not drink. Then I realized we have build something very similar to that with our radio program. But still, what if I took one week to pay tribute to the season change and offer something completely its own? That’s what I’m working on now. I hope to make this an annual tradition, much the way we’ve done with our Cover Series. We’re calling it App-Toberfest and I look forward to presenting it. I’m also looking at doing some custom bottle-openers to celebrate year-round. Anyone interested?

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