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lindsaykatt Her music is featured in a Macy ad, has aired on popular MTV shows, and has made it to the movies. Her song “Heart Place” is also showcased as the theme song for The Appetizer. Lindsay Katt is a rarity in the indie pop world. She sings with a powerful voice that makes the listener itch to hear more. But, even more than this, her lyrics are beautiful and wonderfully written, singing of things that many artists don’t want to mess with.

For Katt, music has played in her head since she was a little girl. When she lived in Montana, it played “in the echos of the mountains surrounding her childhood Montana home” and when she moved to New York, she continued to hear it in the “sirens and grit” of the city (Lindsay Katt Biography). When music follows someone their whole life, it comes as no surprise that the music they make is astounding. Katt weaves together piano and guitar harmonies, sometimes even starting songs acapella—something that I know is not easy to do. Katt also doesn’t just write music for the fame, she seems to write it to evoke change.

Her song My Home was written for a same-sex couple she holds close to her heart; all the funds from the song have been contributed to Freedom to Marry. Katt is exemplary at expressing herself through song, if you want to take a listen, you can hear a sneak peek by listening to The Appetizer, but you can also go to her page and listen here. And check out our podcasts featuring interviews with her and exclusive content here.

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