Sometimes It’s the Simple Things From Kree Woods

I have always loved nuance–whether it be overtones in a written story, breathtaking simplicity in a work of art, or subtle but mesmerizing shifts in a musical piece.  So I suppose, then, that it’s no surprise then that some of my favorite music has been created by people who have the same appreciation for shades and su Kree Woods btlety as I.  Kree Woods happens to be an artist who not only crafts her music in this matter, but who does so skillfully.  I have spent quite a bit of time listening to her music lately, and it was that realization which first hooked me.  While I have yet to come across a track of hers which is overly-produced, or filled needlessly with instrumentation and excessive background vocals, “In Love With Believing” (from her 2011 EP Chance Happening) has to be one of the most stunning examples of her attention to detail.  (I’m crazy about her use of percussion on this song, and I love how adept she is at putting together songs that build, grow, and change throughout.)

As a follow-up to her first two EP’s, Woods has recently released the full-length album Talking Underwater.  After listening to her new album, I have been delighted to discover that time has only enhanced Kree Woods‘ artistry, and her skill as a songwriter has deepened.  I have been especially impressed by her capacity for relating ordinary things in an unexpected way.  The title track of her new cd is a terrific example of this.  I would never have thought before now to explain being misunderstood as feeling like I’m talking underwater, but now that she’s said it that way, I can’t stop thinking about how apt that description truly is.

Take a few moments to visit Woods’ website, and learn more about this exciting up-and-coming artist.  You can read her lyrics there, as well as listen to tracks for free, view a video or two, and read more about her.  It will be time well-spent.  I promise.

Kree Woods

And hear our interview with Kree from our recent radio program-KreeWoodsClip13.

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