They Must Be Doing Something Right in Ohio City

Bad Racket In the same way that a great movie should make people want to read the book, a well-thought-out music compilation should make you want to go hunt down the full albums.  Fortunately, the Bad Racket Artist Compilation was carefully engineered.  By the time I had listened to the EP all the way through, I was intrigued, to say the least.

To start with, I wanted to know who or what “Bad Racket” was.  After a quick internet search, I discovered that it’s a pretty cool concept.  In a nutshell, it’s an independent company that was created to provide artists with a solid option for recording their music and making it available to others.  Over the past three-plus years, it become a place where anyone can go to find music they’ve never heard before, but will thoroughly enjoy.  (Their bandcamp page is a great place to learn more about them, and to find all their important links.)

The compilation EP I’ve been listening to features seven songs from six different artists.  Although I was pretty impressed by everyone on the comp., I definitely have my favorites.

Humble Home is a great new find.  Every song I listened to was well-crafted and enjoyable, regardless of whether it was a ballad, an energetic rock song, or something in-between.  There’s no doubt in my mind that this duo is going to produce stellar full-length albums, but for now we’ll have to be content with EP’s like In Our Sleep.  (Sample their latest EP here.)

Humble Home: Live From Bad Racket – Dec 2011 from Bad Racket on Vimeo.

And if I’m thrilled to have discovered Humble Home, I’m ecstatic to have been introduced to Maza Blaska.  Their music is quirky and fabulous.  In fact, if they keep putting together albums like Storyteller, I might just be a fan for life.  (You can hear samples from their full-length album here.)

Other artists on the compilation included Ashley Brooke Toussant, Meridian, ShiSho, and Wolf Creek.  You can find them, as well as many other terrific artists, at

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