White Buffalo Is New Breath In An Old Form

Jake Smith is The White Buffalo
Jake Smith is The White Buffalo
By Jake Smith’s account, music isn’t what it used to be. And this from a songwriter, that just by the looks of him you can tell he follows the beat of a different drummer. Appropriately pairing his music with themes and episodes of the hit TV show Sons of Anarchy, Jake Smith (aka The White Buffalo) is set to reset songwriting in the modern era.

His latest album Shadows, Greys, and Evil Ways does what my friend and feature Appetizer artist William Fitzsimmons started his career doing: telling a beginning to end tale in songwriting. The album is a storyline of one man’s rise, fall, and redemption in life and love. The album tells the (possible real life-inspired) tale of character Joey White who falls in love with a girl, has to leave her following his deployment in the military, and then struggles to piece his life and relationships back together after returning home.

Key tracks that will no doubt be featured on media and blog outlets include Shall We Go On, When I’m Gone & Joe and Jolene.
This album might be difficult for some folk-music fans to quickly embrace. Some tracks are edgy, harsh, and brusk. Jake Smith’s musical presence is a combination of our friend Micah P Hinson‘s vocal style mixed with lyrics that could be penned by novelist Cormac McCarthy with a folk-rock style. Yet the visceral nature of the stories are what make the album not only compelling but intriguing.

Best embraced if played while driving (great road trip music) or in a place where your mind can take in the plot and the score. My favorite tracks include Pray to You Now, The Year, and Fire Don’t Know.

The White Buffalo’s Shadow’s, Greys and Evil Ways will be released on September 10, 2013, and will be featured on our radio show starting August 31st.

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