Where Synthpop Meets Retro Rock: Azwel

Azwel New York-based artist Jason Perrillo has been recording and performing under the name Azwel for several years.  His newly-released project, entitled Fact and Fantasy, is the fourteenth full-length or EP release under that name, and it reveals an artist attempting to push his music beyond the electric/acoustic sound featured in his previous releases.

Azwel’sFact presents a musical style best thought of as a melding of synthpop and ‘60-70’s rock (à la Chicago or The Zombies).  This hodgepodge of instruments and styles can result in an overwhelmingly busy feel, as on the song “Svetlana”.  Thankfully, the album does attempt to showcase Azwel’s range as a songwriter and musician, and not every track feels chaotic.  In fact, some songs (“Over and Out”, “Pleasant Dreams”) prove that the sound Azwel is striving for has the potential to be quite nice when reigned in a bit.

Below is the video for the title track from Fact and Fantasy.  To listen to full tracks from previous releases, or to learn more about this artist, visit Azwel’s ReverbNation page.



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