Indie Music Review: Shauna Marie

Indie music tells stories from real people you and I know. This week’s indie music review focuses on Oklahoma City-native Shauna Marie. She used to live her life in the background.  Although she worked diligently to help other independent artists pursue their dreams, she allowed a chronic illness and a lack of confidence to keep her from doing the same for herself.  However, sometimes when we stick our necks out just a little bit, things happen that make it impossible for us not to let go of our misgivings and go all-in. 

That is exactly what Shauna Marie says happened to her, and how she ended up going from trying to get other people to record her songs to releasing her debut solo EP, He Heals the Broken.  (Read more about her story here.)  Shauna Marie

Shauna Marie has certainly given her all to creating the music included on the EP, and her passion and willingness to try something new has resulted in a debut that is both emotionally honest and musically interesting.  The EP’s title track “He Heals the Broken” is perhaps the best song of the lot, displaying the most maturity in her songwriting, and best balancing her robust vocals with the other musical elements.  The other stand out is “Stay”, which draws the listener in with a combination of intriguing piano lines and a dance sound.  Despite the fact that these are the two most divergent tracks on the project, both showcase best Shauna Marie’s potential as an artist, and demonstrate her commitment to making encouraging, God-centered music.

Like most recordings from fledgling artists, He Heals the Broken has a couple of weak places, but, overall, the EP does a good job of introducing us to this burgeoning new artist.  Given that time and experience will undeniably help Shauna Marie hone her craft, it will certainly be exciting to hear what she releases next.

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Patricia Moulton

Patricia has been in love with music for as long as she can remember. Her first actual performance was in a church musical in the second grade, and she hasn't stopped making and listening to music since. These days, you can find her working at a desk job in West Texas to make sure her rent gets paid, but spending much of her free time devouring all of the music she can get her hands on and perfecting her own musical skillset. Right now, Patricia's primary musical outlet is with her church's worship team, but she's always looking for new opportunities, and combining her love of writing with her ardent affection for all things musical to write for The Appetizer's blog is a thrilling new adventure.

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