Los Lonely Boys “Revelation” Review

In the past, I have always done my best to avoid becoming too personal when posting a music review for The Appetizer; however, after much consideration, I have determined that no other sort of review can adequately convey my experience with the new Los Lonely Boys album Revelation.  To be honest, I had heard very little of the brothers’ music before this month.  (The obvious exception is “Heaven”, because, really, who hasn’t heard that song?)  At some point several years ago I decided that because I do not typically like Tejano or Chicano music I would not like Los Lonely Boys’ music.  Today I freely admit that I could not have been more mistaken.

Los Lonely Boys

Revelation took me completely by surprise.  (Fitting, I suppose, given the name.)  Upon listening, I discovered that Los Lonely Boys’ music is stylistically unique—blurring cultural lines, and masterfully mixing stunning Spanish guitar lines and other Latin-inspired sounds with a southern or alt-rock feel.  This blending lends the music a refreshingly “other” sound, and makes the band’s music difficult to pigeon hole into one genre.  Ultimately though, it is probably the vocal aspect of the album which won me over.  The superb lead vocals and the sorts of harmonies only siblings can produce layer with the musicianship to elevate Revelation, and to make it something truly remarkable.  This is an album undeniably worthy of extensive radio play.  Personally, I can’t stop listening to the track “See the Light” (nor can I stop singing it…in the shower, driving down the road, at work—it’s a bit embarrassing, really).  This song is perhaps the best of everything the band has to offer, and is an excellent introduction to their music for both those who have never listened to it before, and for the others who (like me) had pre-judged and mistakenly dismissed this band of brothers.

To learn more about Los Lonely Boys, their upcoming performances, and their long-awaited new album Revelation, visit LosLonelyBoys.com.  The official lyric view for “Don’t Walk Away” from Revelation is posted below.  Enjoy!


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Patricia Moulton

Patricia has been in love with music for as long as she can remember. Her first actual performance was in a church musical in the second grade, and she hasn't stopped making and listening to music since. These days, you can find her working at a desk job in West Texas to make sure her rent gets paid, but spending much of her free time devouring all of the music she can get her hands on and perfecting her own musical skillset. Right now, Patricia's primary musical outlet is with her church's worship team, but she's always looking for new opportunities, and combining her love of writing with her ardent affection for all things musical to write for The Appetizer's blog is a thrilling new adventure.

2 thoughts on “Los Lonely Boys “Revelation” Review

  • February 20, 2014 at 8:20 AM

    Nice article / review. Hopefully you will check out Los Lonely Boys other CDs. Each one has a specialness to them but still very much Los Lonely Boys. Like you mentioned, you can’t really place them in a genre – that’s why they came up with their own “Texican Rock N Roll”. They throw in all their influences into a musical burrito and there you have. NOW you have to make it a point to see them LIVE! ~ Peace

    • February 20, 2014 at 11:13 AM

      Thanks Jeanette. Yes, we’ve been big fans of LLB for a while and for a variety of reasons. Not only are they fellow West Texans, but their unique blend of rock with Latin flair makes their sound even more enjoyable. The new album is great from beginning to end. And yes, their live shows are like no other. Thanks for sharing!


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