Getting Dizzy With Neil Finn (Album Review)

Neil_Finn Neil Finn’s latest “Dizzy Heights” marks a new era in the songwriter’s presentation and is the focus this week in our review.

Neil Finn is different from most of the artists that I review for The Appetizer. This is because his career spans a much longer period of time the other artists I’ve reviewed. Specifically, he’s been active since at least 1976. In the 70’s and 80’s Finn was a member of Split Enz; a band which would become highly successful. Finn went on to form The Mullanes, which later became Crowded House, which would become a major success and even had a song reach No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1987. Without belaboring the point, I think you can see that Neil Finn has been around for a while.

This year Finn released his third solo album, Dizzy Heights. Dizzy Heights features tracks that combine rich synths and ambient sounds meshed with Finn’s fantastic vocals. The music is at times uplifting, and at other times eerie. Each track has real depth of sound.

The track titled “Dizzy Heights” certainly exemplifies Finn’s ability to create a groovy and catchy track. The song begins with a pulsing synth and Finn’s calming vocals.  As the song continues a wide variety of instruments are introduced along with backing vocals. Also present in Dizzy Heights are songs like “Lights of New York” that build entire atmospheres. “Lights of New York” features sounds of the city, sounds of the ocean and a slew of other sounds. Together, the sounds paint a picture for the rest of the music to live in.

Dizzy Heights is one of my personal favorites this year. The album’s rich textures and skillful experimentation make it worth your while. You can get to know Neil Finn a bit better at his website.

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