Finding Success Through Music

Kelley and Matt perform at the White Buffalo in Abilene on Nov 2, 2013
Kelley and Matt perform at the White Buffalo in Abilene on Nov 2, 2013

Music is an enjoyable aspect of life. It’s also a contributor to good things in the world, including personal and business success, unifying people for causes, and creating harmonies where differences formerly ruled. We all love and enjoy music, especially when we can partake in it in a communal way. This engagement with music includes more than just listening with someone. It can be attending a small gig at a coffee shop, watching your favorite band live in concert, starting a band, or sharing a playlist online. Beyond enjoyment, we are also finding success through music.

Listening to music from an early age has been shown to contribute to a healthy lifestyle and success in academics as well as business. I first discovered that notion on a TV show in the 90s. It was a Full House episode that ingrained in me this notion that music led to brilliance. It was an episode of Full House where Jesse’s (played by John Stamos) wife Rebecca (Lori Loughlin) was pregnant. She was convinced that putting headphones on her stomach would facilitate better brain maturity for the fetus. Rebecca had classical music playing through the headphones, whereas Jesse insisted that Rock n’ Roll would be a better selection. He was of course playing drums in real life at the time for The Beach Boys. The debate on what style of music can increase a child’s intelligence remains, yet what is without question is the reality that music provides benefits in a variety of ways.

Most music lovers attempt to try their hand at playing an instrument and writing songs at some point in time. Regardless of whether this experiment eventually leads to starting a band or a music career, learning how to play an instrument and write music has many plus sides, especially for those endeavoring in small business. The process of learning how to hold the instrument, create notes in key, learn to read music, and the need for repetitive practice builds on a similar foundation that entrepreneurs utilize in business.

Life presents a multitude of opportunities for success and failure. Learning from each creates more opportunities for success and (hopefully) fewer failures. Music making certainly fits the mold that other artists and innovators take on to create and innovate. Those who do take their experience making music a step further by choosing music as a profession further illustrate the lessons learned in the process of learning music by teaching themselves other aspects of business like marketing, sales, graphic design, and hiring employees (your manager, booking agent, and others work for you).

Other professionals in the field provide learning opportunities on how to better your product, delivery, and technique is another great similarity between music and business. When you start learning to play guitar, there are a lot of new things to pick up including why type of strings are best for the type of guitar you have, how to play chords, read music (or tabs), strumming patterns, and more. A book can teach you all of these things, as can a video you watch online. However, when you work one-on-one with a teacher you have the opportunity to get feedback on the aspects most needed for improvement as well as get a direct response to questions. Mentors and colleagues in business can provide similar opportunities for growth and chances to increase successes. The foundation for success can be laid through music,

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