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music-pic-150x150 I’m spending time doing more than just listening to individual artists through submissions to our show, but also venturing out into other radio outlets and programs. There is such a rich diversity of indie music programs available on the radio dial and online, that it’s so much fun to just let a host take you through a journey into new findings. That’s part of what I love most about hosting our show. A new find for me is a show in its early stages that I want you to discover, Oshawa Rocks.

Oshawa Rocks host Len Jeffrey
Oshawa Rocks host Len Jeffrey
The focus of the program is nearly strictly on the music, which is a nice alternative for music to listen to while you work. From what I can tell, it’s all music from the show host Len Jeffrey’s local area of Southern Ontario, Canada. There are some talented and wonderful artists in that region, which make for some great new music finds. Oshawa Rocks is a program available in real time on Wednesday nights. But they do have their archive available as well. The Live aspect retains the classic format of radio where you have to tune in at a specific time to interact with Jeffreys regarding the featured music. It’s a break for the on-demand nature of most media programming (including our own).

One thing I noticed about this program is it’s not perfectly polished as a show, but we all start somewhere. This reminds me a lot of the early days of The Appetizer back when I was a college student still getting my grid for hosting and production work. As I look back over the past decade and see how much not only music (and the music industry) has evolved, but also how we as music fans consume new music is very different, I reflect on the early days of The Appetizer Radio Show. In the first few years (2003 through 2006 or around then), there was a lot of discovery that transpired. Some of that was discovering new bands, but a lot of it was self-discovery and learning how to put together a radio show. There was a lot of amateur radio involved, and that amateur nature drew our initial group of audience members.

Program host Len Jeffrey is certainly someone passionate about his community and the art made there. I can relate to that, as it was one of the things that got me moving and creating our radio program way back when. Give Oshawa Rocks a little, and make some new music discoveries. Their Archive is available here.

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