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Jerzy Jung

Hailing from New Jersey makes it a bit easier to identify Ms. Jung. But her sound stands for itself. We first became acquainted with her in 2009 after the release of her debut EP. Though her musical journey has taken a few turns since then, she remains a featured and cherished artist on our program. You can read another post we did on her HERE. Her music and her story is very dear to us. Here are some of the conversations we’ve enjoyed with her over the years. 2008 Podcast with Jerzy Jung[audio:]


Abigail Washburn
(2009 Podcast)[audio:]

Shortly after the release of her album featuring the Sparrow Quartet, we read a feature article about her work and musical styling in Newsweek Magazine.That led to our interest and intrigue in this unique sound, which then led to this conversation. She has since been a featured speaker at the TED Talks and is on the cutting edge of using music to build connections between nations.

The Rocketboys– Back in 2003, there were a group of six guys performing in Abilene, Tx who were students at one of the local colleges. In front of packed coffee houses and street shows, Homer Hiccolm and the Rocketboys had every indie music fan talking.Then they graduated and moved the band to Austin.Taking Homer Hiccolm off the band name, The Rocketboys have been through a few years of transformation, including half of the original group going in other directions.We’ve kept a good relationship with these guys and are proud of their work. We had a studio session with them in 2010 that is featured here.
The Rocketboys (2010 Podcast)[audio:|titles=New Music Morsels-The Rocketboys]

Vanessa Peters– At one point while touring with an Italian band, Vanessa Peters and Ice Cream on Tuesdays attracted our attention with the interesting band name.Then came the conversations.Since then Vanessa has been a regular feature and at times has popped in to our studios to share a few tunes with us.
Vanessa Peters (2009 Podcast) [audio:|titles=Vanessa Peters and Ice Cream On Mondays (2009)]

Flatfoot 56
We had the opportunity to speak with Tobin, lead-singer of the Celtic Punk band from Chicago on the band, their roots, and the music scene in the greater Chicago area.
(Songwriter’s Cookbook Podcast Series)Flatfoot 56 (2010 Podcast)[audio:|titles=songwriterscookbook_Flatfoot56]

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