Arjun’s 2nd Part Of Trilogy The Best Of The Series

Arjun1 For many fans that follow film trilogies, the second piece usually ends up being the favorite. Take the original Star Wars. The Empire Strikes Back is a fan favorite and considered to be the real ticket for the whole storyline. In the acclaimed Christopher Nolen Dark Knight trilogy, the second film took the character of Bruce Wayne to new depths, brought the Joker to life in ways not told on film, and capture audiences far beyond the scope of comic book movies.

What about this trend in music? It’s not as common for musicians to take the sequence of trilogies and apply them in their line of work. But instrumental rock band Arjun is breaking the rules with the second part of a trilogy, and an album called Core. This three piece instrumental group has been crafting stellar tracks since 2003. Based out of New York, the trio combines the musical flavors of blues-rock guitar with fusion and jazz to build intriguing musical textures that explode in an enriching musical experience.

CORE_front We’ve sampled the single from the new album in our Sound Bites special. The full album contains multiple genres of influence and styles. With a sound that combines the guitar virtuoso of Eddie Arjun Peters (stylistically like Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson) with drummer Lamar Myers and bassist Andrew Lyles, genres ebb and flow in harmony of recreation of fusion, rock, and jazz. Song samples from the new album as well as more info is at their website.

Core is the followup to the debut album Space, which can be streamed HERE. Key tracks (and my favorites) of the new album include th appropriately kicking first tune Rocks, the funk infused Lavalust (featuring some incredibly bass work), and Within You.

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