Charming Timur is Finland’s Shoe-Metal

CharmingTimur What happens when you cross pollinate metal into genres like shoegaze and post-rock? Can fans of any of those genres take on the complexity of the infusion? I believe they can.

The cool thing about screamo or nu-metal is that you don’t have to understand what’s coming out of the vocalist. Yes, there is an art to that expression of sound even if outside listeners don’t get it.

Charming Timur is a collision of ideas built around infusing hard musical textures with concepts about the past, present and future. The conclusion is a mix of ambient metal music and harsh screaming tones. Fans of screamo and metal will appreciate the overture.

The album for offering is titled A Brief Moment of Existence, a psychological exploration of songwriter Lauri Santeri Lohi’s inner monologues. Key tracks include Broken Personality which incorporates a Nine Inch Nails vibe to the songwriting until an Underoathe style kicks into gear. Center Of The Universe exhibits the quintessential progressive rock and screamo structure that excel in the fandom at large. All The Same has the slow build of a early 2000 prog-rock hit with the explosive finish that brings fans back again and again.

The album is available at Charming Timur website. Love what you hear? A new album is in the works and will be released soon.

Take a track for a test spin with this music video:

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