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EliStrawman Perhaps in the movie realm or something similar, we are used to hearing the phrase “Sneak Peak.” This preview taste is just that, an outstanding new folk-rock act out of Ontario, Canada set to release a new album, Eli & the Strawman. I should rephrase the category as Indie Roots Rock (according to their site).

One of my marks for finding great new talent is when after the first listen, I want to go back and listen again before moving on to the next song. This criteria was met time and again through all three songs on the Demos release, making me very intrigued and interested in the rest of the music that will come from the debut Eli & the Strawman album.

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Folk with elemental textures throughout provide for a remarkable listening experience. Figured Out leads with a gentle acoustic foundation before incorporating elements of bluegrass, blues, and 70s singer-songwriter Simon & Garfunkel presence. Figured out is more than a musical joyride through stages of folk genre, it’s a journey through well-crafted lyricism.

You’re picking your part
Professors, lawyers, astronauts
But all the graphs and charts
Can’t tell you how to be yourself

The demos showcase three excellent examples of an emerging songwriter set to capture minds, hearts, and fans in 2015. No One, the second song from the Demo release takes something simple and expands one chorus line into a beautiful build with horns, guitars, drums, and a poetic ending. Tiger gives the feeling of old school Counting Crows with a frontman style similar to fellow Canadian Simon Ward (The Strumbellas).

Head down trying to make it a living
This could be the one but it seems not for me
Oh I used to know a girl who made her own order
Yeah I used to know the words to the song I once sang

When I go about looking for new music to feature on The Appetizer Radio Show, I’m looking for music like this. Finding it all in one artist is a real treat. Like you, I’m eagerly looking forward to the release of this album. Get more info by signing up for their newsletter at the Eli & The Strawman website.

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