Gifted & Black Bring Culture & Health Through Music

ravage2 Remember when jumping rope was something you looked forward to?
When I was in grade school it was one of the most fun activities in PE. Nowadays not so much, because adulthood changes how we get out and move.

Kids today have a similar dilemma that adults do with handheld video and games at the ready. As great as it is to be able to chat with someone a hundred (or a thousand) miles away in real time, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube can also be such a distraction that physical activity is ignored.

Enter Rev. Dr. Edonnis Alexandria who wrote a book with a corresponding musical album that brings African youth back to jumping rope and rekindling pride in their culture. The book, Gifted & Black, is about Tara, a young girl struggling with feeling left out and bullied. In her search for help, she discovers the power of jumping rope from a few new mentors. The appendix in the back of the book as information on Double Dutch and other jump rope techniques.

Ravage and Dru, musical artists on the accompanying album, have combined their love of music with their passion for health through engaging music for youth rope jumpers. The album Gifted & Black has only 4 songs, each track under 3 minutes, of hip-hop and R&B music perfect for single jumping or group jump rope teams.

Created for African girls in the Diaspora, the music is uplifting and positive for youth of all ages. Beautiful Little Black Girl opens the album with uplifting lyrics strengthening the confidence in self-identity, with a smooth R&B rhythm. Double Dutch has a throwback 90s rap sound similar to what Sesame Street and Mr. T presented in the late 80s as an educational way to present the musical style to kids. Gifted & Black (the title track) is the strongest of the album with well mixed beats and music with a powerful and strong lyric. Tara, Tara closes the album with an encouraging tune to bring the theme together in story form.

Jump Rope For Heart might not have the prominence it once did, but my hope is that children will be impacted by the music and community building offered through Gifted & Black. Purchase Gifted & Black from CD Baby.

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