MA Guitarist Mike Meagher Rocks With EP

1420493781_assassin Have you noticed that emerging bands, duos, and solo-performers are infusing more and more ingredients from eras of music’s past into their songwriting? We’ve certainly seen that with the rise of a new version of Motown with bands like St. Paul & The Broken Bones. Alternative and guitar rock are doing something similar. And why not let your musical influences take a more prominent position in your songwriting? If anything, it can make your music more appealing, especially if you know who your real audience is (this is something I’ve mentioned countless times to indie artists on my music BLOG for artists/musicians).

Mike Meagher has a rock style recalling elements of 80s guitar rock blended with pieces of grunge. A few tracks remind me of Robert Tepper both in the overall sound as well as the use of slick soloing. Vocals are similar too, but the subject-matter for the tracks are much different. If Tepper’s name doesn’t ring a bell, look up the soundtrack to Rocky 4 and you’ll be on the same page with me. Other tunes dive into the early styles of Soundgarden and Nirvana.

Meagher hails from Massachusetts, and is no stranger to the realm of guitar or rock songwriting. His premise and purpose seem simple enough, to write music that speaks for his perspective on life, love, and the state of our collective existence, or society as it may be. Songs like Society Falling offers a straight-lined take on where we’ve fallen and how we can re-emerge.

Married To My Madness kicks into the rock straight away, jumping into the grunge-era Soundgarden style before exploding with a Van Halen-esque solo to conclude the track.

MikeMeagher Meagher doesn’t seem content in just sticking with one particular rock style, diving into southern/classic rock on Over The Storm. This song showcases possibly the best iteration of his songwriting talent, both in the musical nature as well as the lyrical composition, making it the most relatable of the 5-song EP.

The best thing about Meagher’s music is it is what is it. There’s nothing fake or pretentious about what is here. It’s rock. It’s driving guitars, drums, and solos that make you want to crank up your stereo and blast it out.

Get more of Mike Meagher and his self-titled EP HERE.

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