Music Lets Me Live Right Now

Lights. Power. Volume. Strategy.

Taking apart a band’s live set is tough to do. It’s kinda like attempting to sift through sand to get to the glass: what is appearance is often quite transcendent as a method of understanding the operative component.

Much of the same is true for analyzing a band playing. Even more so when trying to comprehend the ways of music as you stand a part of its origination, its general syntax.

I am writing this sitting on a concrete loading curb listening to a pretty rad thrash band play. I am surrounded by rocks, sand, plastic bottles, and the loading dock where my band just loaded our equipment in to play later. I play bass.

This is our second show of our first tour. This is my second show with the band, and if it goes anything like it did last night then it’ll be great.

Last night I found myself immersed in the music, being pulled down to the ground, twisting high into the air, doing nonsensical things with my instrument, and screaming at strange times in an attempt at projecting how the music made me feel into the atmosphere.

I still don’t understand what makes me do this, this thing that is music-playing. I have recently begun to construct the theory that music exists as a cloud, a sort of nimbo-stratus frozen wave that sits above us all, moving, constricting, and funneling its continuing, powerful essence into the beings of those willing to act as a semi-controlling conduit for the raw mass.

In all, I believe that the construction of a band’s movements and actions when cast in the spotlight are, when more pure and creation-centric, a channeling of the formless and purile energy that made and continues to make us all, bringing us closer and deeper into the essence of being a human: alive and whole.

And I intend to experience that again tonight.


Revivalist is on a tour of the Southwestern United States with Household and Hearts Like Lions. Here are our remaining dates:


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