Creepoid’s “Wet” Ain’t Dry

An amalgamation of shoegaze, Beach House and the noisy, weed-born spirit of percussion-based sound brings us CREEPOID, one of Philadelphia’s most interesting offerings as of late.

Their most recent work, Wet, is a four-songed EP consisting of very well cultivated tracks grown from touring experience and a great deal of mellow thought.The album does more than meander, though.

Throughout “Wet” it is easy to see the passion and potential that these musicians have. For instance, “Blinding Halo” is a track portioned off from the rest as a serving of excellent instrumentation and distant voices, bringing together multiple layers of sound and noise, everything from feedback to barely lucid pianos, to make a cut that is somewhat tribal but full-blown powerful.

The tracks here get under your skin. They CREEP around, keeping you in a strange stasis that is between slumber and watchfulness, a place not often seen in music that is mellow yet, in a deeply underground, frenetic way. “Truth” illuminates this fact, bringing restful wakefulness a new meaning.

Overall, CREEPOID is a sure band to watch. They recently signed to Geoff Rickley’s (Thursday, United Nations, No Devotion) new-ish Collect Records and are set to release their newest album right quick.


Check out Wet on CREEPOID’s Bandcamp.

Preorders are also up for the new album, Cemetery Highrise Slum, out June 23.

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