Deerhoof’s La Isla Bonita: Noise+Pop=Fun

If Shonen Knife combined with Sonic Youth and recruited Greg Ginn Deerhoof would be the result.

In their over twenty years of existence the group has put out thirteen records along with a whole slew of downloadable EPs, singles, and 7” records. This combined with the band’s heavy touring has left a serious mark on the world of independent music, especially due to their largely DIY status in regards to managing and marketing.

Their latest offering, 2014’s La Isla Bonita, is a record engineered with freedom in its twists and turns, shelling out frantic pop sympathies right next to noise-wave passion screams.

The work bends and twists like other albums do, flowing through peaks of passion and troughs of morbid pleasure, but within the work there are moments of release characterized typically by the sonic spelunking that is the ‘Hoof’s noise aesthetics.

This series of vibratory fusions comes together quite nicely as a whole. One would expect the aforementioned nuances to be those that stand quite distinctly and have trouble in coagulation, but instead it is the opposite. Much like their live set, this record proves to be a mixture of stunning elements of musical prowess, an eclecticity that makes relistening nearly a game, and a togetherness in writing and performance that speak of over two decades’ experience crafting music live.

An excellent part of Deerhoof’s much-continuing legacy is their wealth of content and artistic creation that has followed in their wake, much of it made on low budgets by non-industry affiliates (translation: fan art). Some of the best examples of this are found on YouTube, specifically on a great playlist of live videos, band-made music videos, and fan submissions that the band has on their website’s front page. These pieces mold past symmetry to make a solid intermeshing of image and sound, the quality of which can only come from varied sources.

Almost more than the album itself I recommend a full set of Deerhoof playing live in Brooklyn, the lead video on Deerhoof’s YouTube playlist. There’s something about this band’s playing live that highlights and makes simple all of the facets of sound that flow together in a much more banal, yet excellent, way within the recordings. A truly flawless set, with particular kudos to Ed Rodriguez and Greg Saunier on guitar and drums, respectively.


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Live in Brooklyn/playlist:

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