Bad Blonde Breaks Loose with Caffeine Daze EP

In the world of rock-‘n’-roll, where noise is king and the driving force is aggressive passion, does the maxim “less is more” still apply? For a Texas band, we might expect the opposite to be true. Why have one electric guitar when you can have two, right? But in the land where bigger is better, Bad Blonde is turning that expectation on its head. Hailing from Fort Worth, this new trio is trimming the fat and proving that three can rock just as hard as four. Their debut EP, Caffeine Daze, is a death punch of five hit songs. From the angsty first fling of “Begging for Disease” to the final frenzy of “Lemmon 714,” Bad Blonde won’t let you rest easy.

Bad Blonde


From this very first public release of their work, they’ve been “digging back into the roots of the 90’s when rock ruled the world [and] making aggressive tunes with an attitude that pushes the envelope of society’s agenda. Bad Blonde has been hard at work to help revive the angsty rock n’ roll that inspired it’s members to pick up their instruments and start jamming.”  The trio consists of guitarist/vocalist Dylan Owens, bassist Derek Harper, and drummer Mike Surdel. Adding to their individual drive and talents is Grammy-nominated producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith, who has helped the three record music up to 12 hours a day at his Austin studio.

“A lot of people I know hate their jobs and are unhappy with the direction their lives are going, but they’re so afraid of the unknown and won’t make a change,” says Harper. “We just wanted to encourage people that it is OK to defy society’s expectation and live your life the way you want. Happiness should prevail.” Like the punk pioneers who preceded them, Bad Blonde’s essential energy comes from a certain dissatisfaction with the everyday attitudes of a generation caught in the inertia of its own stagnation. Not content to follow the path of least resistance or submit to the status quo, Bad Blonde and bands like them rely on our own negative reactions to society, encouraging the use of nonconformist music to make a statement of opposition.

Social attitudes aside, Bad Blonde’ Caffeine Daze is a particularly strong and engaging initial offering from a promising new band, and it deserves the ears of any self-proclaimed rock fans. Bigger may not always be better, but better always deserves a listen.

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