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dearjohn1 This week’s episode titled Dear John has nothing to do with the novel by Nicolas Sparks, I promise.
With an interesting influx of music submissions for the past few weeks from artists named John, I thought it would be a fun mix to include names from the past as well and songs that are not as commonly known. This week’s playlist includes Bside tracks from famous Johns like Elton John, John Mayer, Johnny Winter and Johnny Cash. We’ll also sample a few tracks from emerging artists like John Meadows, John E Dosher and much more.

Let me know how this Dear John music experience moves you. Share this playlist on social and blog channels below the playlist. Enjoy!

Hour 1 Playlist

Lindsay Katt. “Heart Place (Instrumental)” Picking Out Boxes. Lindsay Katt, 2008. 01:00
John E Dosher. “To Be Insane” What’ll They Say. John E Dosher, 2015. 03:52
John E Dosher. “The River” What’ll They Say. John E Dosher, 2015. 04:40
John Mayall. “Just A Memory” Forty Below Records & Friends, Vol 1. Forty Below Records, 2015. 06:40
John Aulabaugh. “Undone” Of Sins Present And Past. John Aulabaugh, 2015. 03:51
John Aulabaugh. “Awake” Of Sins Present And Past. John Aulabaugh, 2015. 05:29
John Hiatt. “Marlene” Terms Of My Surrender. New West Records, 2014. 03:02
John Hiatt. “Come Back Home” Terms Of My Surrender. New West Records, 2014. 03:07
Johnny Cash. “She Used To Love Me A Lot (Elvis Costello Remix)” Out Among The Stars. Legacy, 2013. 03:23
Johnny Cash. “Redemption Day” American IV: Ain’t No Grave. American Recordings, 2010. 04:22
Johnnyswim. “Don’t Keep Heaven Busiy (Without Me)” Heart beats. Big Picnic Records, 2013. 03:36
Johnnyswim. “Annie” Heart Beats. Big Picnic Records, 2013. 03:44
John Meadows. “What You Hate” Mere Mortals. John Meadows, 2015. 03:29
John Meadows. “Nine Years” Mere Mortals. John Meadows, 2015. 04:22
Jon Samuel. “The Man Who Fell To Earth” Happy Birthday Hidden Pony. Hidden Pony Records, 2014. 05:05

Hour 2 Playlist

Lindsay Katt. “Heart Place (Instrumental)” Picking Out Boxes. Lindsay Katt, 2008. 01:00
The 88. “My Friend John” I Saw The Light That Day (Deluxe). 88 Records, 2012. 03:33
John & Jacob. “Be My Girl” Hangout Mixtape 2014. Hangout Records, 2014. 03:10
Jonny Houlihan. “New Old Town” New Old Town. Endless Road Records, 2012. 04:02
Jonatha Brooke. “Eye In The Sky” Back In The Circus. Bad Dog, 2008. 04:53
Molly Johnson. “Streets Of Philadelphia” Messin’ Around (Bonus Track Version). Universal Int’l, 2002. 03:18
Citizen Cope. “John Lennon” Every Waking Moment. Sbme Special Mkts., 2006. 02:51
Elton John. “My Father’s Gun” Tumbleweed Connection . Universal City Records, 1970. 06:22
Johnny Winter featuring Dr. John. “Blue Monday ” Step Back. Megaforce, 2014. 03:02
Johnny Horton. “Sink The Bismark” Johnny Horton: 16 Biggest Hits. SBME SPECIAL MKTS., 1999. 03:15
Daniel Johnston. “Freedom” Is And Always Was. Eternal Yip Eye, 2009. 01:46
Jack Johnson. “Angel” Sleep Through The Static. Brushfire Records, 2008. 02:03
Pearl Jam. “Johnny Guitar” Backspacer. Pearl Jam, 2009. 02:50
Jim Johnston. “Count Your Coppers” After All The Wishing…. Jim Johnston, 2015. 03:43
John Mayer. “Covered in Rain” Any Given Thursday. Sony, 2003. 10:45
Jon LeQuaid. “Gift From The Toltecs” (Single). jon LeQuaid, 2014. 02:56

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