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FreshForsummer-Condensed What makes the best summer playlist? It’s a question that music curators, insiders and even the big corporations are trying to figure out. There’s a big push every summer for the Pop music world to manufacture (yes that’s actually the right word for this) the “song of summer.” Every summer there’s a hit song that plays everywhere you turn.

Knowing me and my proclivities against both the Pop industry (and its boring nature) as well as not playing any song more than a handful of times on this show in sequential weeks, I wanted to make a more fresh and fun playlist for the summer.

This summer playlist is curated music from some of the best new and emerging musicians from all over the US and beyond, including 2 exclusive songs from Chris Ford recorded just for our show. Videos for both of these tracks are on upcoming blogs and on our Facebook page. We also have music from Kerchief’s new album which Richard Lyne reviewed a little while back, new sounds from Joss Stone and Katie Lee. I’ve hailed Galactic’s new album Into the Deep as one of the top 3 of 2015 and they open Hour 1 to prove my point. And since I love the alt-rock sounds of the 90s, I had to showcase to you State Line Syndicate, this great new punk band who is bringing that classic sound back. Wait, did I just say the 90s alt-rock/punk was a classic sound?……


Song / Length / Artist / Album
Hour 1 Playlist

Right On (Featuring Ms. Charm Taylor) 3:30 Galactic Into The Deep
Into The Deep (Featuring Macy Gray) 3:43 Galactic Into The Deep

Bring It On 2:34 Angela Sheik Home Before Dark
Evening Calls 3:53 Angela Sheik Home Before Dark

Don’t Stay Away 2:49 Nathan Thomson Screaming Light
Redefine Beautiful 4:30 Nathan Thomson Screaming Light

IN THE SUMMER OF 5:01 Chris Ford June Session
LIFE SIZE LOVE ERASER 4:31 Chris Ford June Session

The Girl 4:05 Mark Mathews Singles
Flaked Out 3:16 Mark Mathews Moments and Movements

This Kind of Love 3:12 Stephen M. Sauer Browbeat
Anything and Everything 3:25 Stephen M. Sauer Browbeat

You’re Not the Person You Used to Be 3:14 Joe Holt Brighter Moons
We’ll Be Okay 4:19 Joe Holt Brighter Moons

Alive and Well 3:39 The Foibles Zoom
Zoom 3:51 The Foibles Zoom

Hour 2 Playlist

If Still It Can’t Be Found 2:49 Joe Pug Windfall

Behind the Fall 3:01 Black Mountain Black Mountain (10th
Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
Tidal Waves And Hurricanes 3:21 Maggie Szabo Single

Old Fires Die 3:38 Daniel Romano If I’ve Only One Time Askin’
I’m Gonna Teach You 2:36 Daniel Romano If I’ve Only One Time Askin’

Speak to Me 3:36 David Celia Double Mind
Look of Approval 3:45 David Celia Double Mind

Watch It Burn 3:09 Anywhere But Here Anywhere but Here
We Got This 2:36 Anywhere But Here Anywhere but Here

For The Birds 3:02 Kerchief Machines And Animals
Jack London 4:06 Kerchief Machines And Animals
Something New 3:17 Katie Lee Don’t Go Away

Same Mistakes 3:42 Katie Lee Don’t Go Away Pop
Love Me (Radio Edit) 3:31 Joss Stone Water for your Soul
The Answer (Radio Edit) 3:31 Joss Stone Water For Your Soul

Sweet Tales Of Revenge 3:16 State Line Syndicate Go Back To The 90’s
Loves Me So 4:00 State Line Syndicate Go Back To The 90’s
Alive and Well 1:09 The Foibles Zoom

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