The Soundtrack of Life, Part 1: To Go Deeper

After the last installment of the Shoutout Series, it seems that there hasn’t been a great deal of interest down that avenue (full disclosure: the three people who submitted articles were all sympathetic friends and family). That being said, the Pop Cycle was great fun to write, and there was some good feedback on it. So I’ve decided to come back with a brand new feature series, the Soundtrack of Life.

I’m a huge fan of film, perhaps even more than I’m a music buff. In more than one case, I’ve seen a good soundtrack make a film so much more enjoyable in that the visual experience of the movie is pulled into the emotional and sensory realm to a much greater extent when merged with musical stimuli. As I discussed in the Pop Cycle, there’s a subconscious and psychological quality to music that contributes to a deeply personal reaction; it’s part of what makes all art so meaningful.


But I feel that the combination of musical media with visual ones – as we are allowed by film more seamlessly than in any other context – is so potent that it deserves a more thorough examination. Throughout this series, I aim to put my discussion of music and its significance alongside a meaningful discussion of film, whether through the lens of the philosophical, the scientific, the artistic, or whatever else emerges as being worth discussion. As ever, your input will be valuable in helping to direct our course. That said, make yourself comfy and pop some corn, and we’ll see if we can map uncharted territory. It’s time we delved deeper.

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Richard Lyne

Richard is an ACU graduate who was graduated summa cum laude from Abilene Christian University's honors college with a major in English and a minor in business administration. He hopes to return to school for an MA degree at some point, but is currently managing a coffee kiosk at the local grocery store in Denton, Texas. He has written for the Appetizer since spring 2015.

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