How The Appetizer Radio Show Encourages Independent Artists

Emusic2 Back in the day (at least 15 years ago – smile), the ONLY way for a singer-songwriter or band to get widespread recognition was to sign with a major record label, and that was about as likely as getting struck by lightning under a blue sky. 

Here’s how it worked.  Somehow, magically, a major label would “discover” an “unknown” artist/band.  Then the label would offer them a contract for one (or two) album(s) to be supported by a promotional tour(s) and radio airplay.  In order for the newly-signed artist to survive and meet expenses during the recording process and subsequent tour/airplay, the label would “pay” the artist up front (reading the fine print would reveal that this “pay” was actually an “advance” to be paid back to the label in full by the artist within a given period of time – ostensibly when the artist became wildly rich and successful within that given period of time).  If the initial album, tour, and radio exposure did not do well, the label would unceremoniously drop the artist and demand repayment of whatever money had been advanced (as per signed contract).  Then the artist was not only still unknown and not making any money, but they were in deep debt to the label.  In other words, they were far worse off than they were before.  Of course, if the first album, tour, and radio exposure were successful (a one-in-a-million likelihood), the artist got rich and famous and the label made lots of money and everyone was happy as a clam.

Then came the world wide web, YouTube, and readily available digital technology.  These things combined to make it possible for artists who were not signed with a label the ability to self-produce their own CDs (and now downloadable digital files) and videos to post on the web for the whole world to see and hear without the expense and constraints of signing with a controlling record label.  This was (and is) all well and good, with one glaring exception. 

For all their drawbacks, the major labels did have distribution and promotional clout, which the indie artist of today does not have.  That is, not without The Appetizer Radio Show to help fill the void!  Thankfully, today The Appetizer Radio Show is available to seek out independent artists (online, in person, and through a variety of contacts) and give them a showcase to enhance their touring exposure and digital recording distribution. Specifically, The Appetizer features these unsigned independent artists on its show that is not only available on the world wide web, but is also heard regularly on radio stations around the U.S. and in Europe.  The Appetizer also has an online blog that reviews selected artists and their recordings, as well as other resources to help guide the indie artist through the business side of the music-business equation.

Radio App-For All of this is what makes The Appetizer unique, as well as beneficial to undiscovered musicians across the globe. We’ve been the starting point for many artists in being discovered and followed by real music fans like you. You can help us take great music even further, by joining in our App creation campaign. Click Here to join us.

Are you an indie musician?  Do you have a friend or family member who is an indie musician?  If so, you owe it to yourself (or friend/family member) to find out how The Appetizer Radio Show can help.  Begin your contact by visiting our Music Submission link or clicking on “Contact” at the top of the home page.  You won’t regret it!

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