“Roll it Over” Needs to Keep Rolling

Sometimes, it’s not that there’s anything wrong with a band’s formula – the singer, the lyrics, and the music can all be working just fine – but there’s still something holding them back when it comes to momentum. I’ve seen this a couple of times as I’ve reviewed various bands’ work, and it can be a little disheartening. This looks to be the case with Roll it Over, an unsigned band out of Maryland. Let’s start with a look at “Death Wish,” one of the highlights of A New Life (their 2014 debut album).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLmKIOOa9_E&w=460&h=315]

Just from the video, we can see there are a lot of things going right and wrong simultaneously. Let’s get the negative out of the way first – I couldn’t find any videos of the band actually performing! On their Facebook, there seemed to be a proper music video, but the YouTube link goes to a private video. Worse, their actual website link doesn’t go anywhere; it just redirects to that same video. I would hate to have fallen in love with this band on a first listen, only to be unable to support them or even hear more because of these kinds of problems. At the moment, we’re stuck with a social media page, which is a disservice to both the group and its fans. The video above is the only one I could find for “Death Wish,” which is supposed to be one of their biggest new hits, and it’s lyrics-only.

Again, it’s not their sound that’s keeping them from success. I get a pleasant reminder of Brendon Urie (from Panic! at the Disco) when I hear Will Sim’s voice; his vocal quality is textured, refined, and as adaptable as the various songs I’ve heard so far. “Death Wish” is reminiscent of 2000s pop/alt-rock groups like Panic, whereas “The Other Side” is much closer to Roll’s self-proclaimed hard rock roots. “When I Look at the Stars” is as different from both as they are from each other, a soothing baroque pop lullaby of sorts.

I have yet to find fault with anything in their actual music; on the contrary, I actually enjoyed myself the entire time. Perhaps that’s why I’m so adamant about the downsides I’ve mentioned. This is a band that really could succeed. The one off-putting thing I’ve discovered so far is what boils down to a lack of a coordinated publicity effort. With proper marketing and a real online presence, nothing should stop Roll it Over from going on to secure a record label of their own. My hope for them is that they do indeed keep on rolling.


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Richard Lyne

Richard is an ACU graduate who was graduated summa cum laude from Abilene Christian University's honors college with a major in English and a minor in business administration. He hopes to return to school for an MA degree at some point, but is currently managing a coffee kiosk at the local grocery store in Denton, Texas. He has written for the Appetizer since spring 2015.

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