Big News: The Appetizer Radio App Is A Go

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Collectively with the help of some amazing contributors, we’ve successfully reached our funding goal for our Indiegogo campaign to be able to build the first ever Appetizer Radio App.

Now it’s time for you to get in on being able to gain access to the App before it’s too late.

Here’s what will be included with the App:
-Direct access to our newest episode of the radio show directly from your mobile device. No more time has to be spent loading a webpage or remembering a URL. It will all be directly connected to the App so you can listen with the push of a button.

-Direct access to our greater archive. Currently our archive (which still needs a little updating) goes back to programs from 2014. Our greater archive will be continually updated to include ever more programs going back to 2010 and beyond.

-Special content from featured artists that isn’t available on the website. Since 2007 when we first started including interviews and special segments with artists (both in-studio and over the phone interviews), we have amassed a large volume of special sessions, all providing deeper insights into the artists and their music. Anytime you hear me say “Feature Artist” these are the people I’m talking about. I recently finished going through multiple archives of audio that had been stashed and recovering over 40 sessions of audio recorded with great indie artists. These sessions will be available on the App and nowhere else.

Again, we didn’t want to just put out an app that plays a 2 hour radio show, even though our 2 hour show is unlike anything else out there when it comes to not just great music presentation and new music discovery, but most importantly music experience. Still, we want to take this presentation and make it very special for you.
The Appetizer Radio App is only available to contributors to our campaign. There are still a few days left in the campaign officially, so give at any level now so that you don’t miss access to it when we finish development.

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