The Grammy’s Are A Hoax, Great Music Earns A Golden Fork

Our Golden Fork Trophy, presented to winners each year. You pick the winner. That's Democracy in action.
Our Golden Fork Trophy, presented to winners each year. You pick the winner. That’s Democracy in action.
This week the 50-something-ith Grammy awards aired on national TV. Over the years the Grammy’s have become something altogether different than what it was originally created for. When people think of winning at the Grammy’s (or being nominated), the notion used to mean that a musician was a heralded and notable contributor to a particular year’s music releases.

Do you feel that way about the current lineup of Grammy winners?

I honestly didn’t watch the Grammy’s this year, nor do I pay much attention to them. It’s a pop music smorgasbord of the same artists over and over again. It has been interesting (and cool) to see some of the DIY, unsigned, and indie artists who have found there way onto the stage to win including a few of this year’s winners like Alabama Shakes, The Civil Wars in years past and others.

Does Taylor Swift need any more awards? After looking up the nominees and the winners and seeing the same names plastered everywhere, it became even more obvious that the people running this Grammy machine don’t pay real attention to emerging music. Spend any amount of time on indie, public and community radio and you’ll hear some fantastic artists who the Grammy board has never heard of.

Sometimes a non-pop songwriter gets a nomination on the Grammy’s

It was cool to see that Brandi Carlile finally had a nomination for the Grammy’s this year. After several albums on a major label, it took switching to ATO Records for the Grammy’s to finally notice her.

They did, however, miss some of the best music from 2015 including albums and EPs by William Fitzsimmons, The Lone Bellow, They Might Be Giants, The Dear Hunter, Blues Traveler, Galactic, Oh Wonder, Timothy Palmer, Holly Arrowsmith and many others.

Help your favorite albums from last year get the recognition they deserve

D Grant with Golden Fork Award winner Elliott Park (right)
D Grant with Golden Fork Award winner Elliott Park (right)
This is why we have the Golden Fork Awards every year. Here is a look at some of the past winners of our award (with pics of musicians and artists with their trophies)

You as a fan of real music made by great artists can help the true best musicians of this past year win a prestigious award.

Click Here to vote for your favorite artists and albums from last year. Write in votes are welcome.

Share the Ballot to help great indie musicians be honored for their great work.

Tune in here for when the winners are announced in the coming weeks.

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