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Let me introduce you all to Scott Lloyd who’s music has been compared to the likes of Neil Young and Bob Dylan. This talented songwriter has been captivating fans with his story telling quality which he has been doing since his debut release ‘Long Live You’ EP in 2013. From then he has been gaining a reputation for his blend of folk meets Americana which has gone from strength to strength as his follow up EP’s ‘The Northern Gate’ and ‘Give Me Something’ confirms.

It was his 2015 release ‘Ironopolis’ which really put his talents into the spotlight as they showcased a new depth to his lyrical talent with the most personal collection of songs. Scott Lloyd is someone who is always looking to improve his craft and his latest EP ‘In The Garden’ proved that with his best work to date.

Now we move the spotlight onto the man of the hour. We had the opportunity to speak to Scott about his art, his journey into to music and much more. This is what he had to say:

What was it that inspired you to become a musician and who helped to shape your sound?

I was pretty young I think. First memories of music I’ve got are from my dad playing Frank Sinatra on a cassette he had and I loved it. I remember really enjoying the melody of each song. I think all those classic big-band swing tunes are little bits of perfection in songwriting terms. From then on I got into music and a few different instruments. Had lessons on the drums and saxophone. Around the age of 15/16, my dad would always play a lot of The Eagles, Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, Elton John (among others) on the stereo every weekend. I loved all of it. They are all classic songwriters and I think that style of American, folk, blues rubbed off on me. Then me and my mates were big into indie and rock at the time. I was a massive Libertines and Beatles fan. Loved going to festivals and gigs all the time. I started a band in college called The Blends and we were pretty good I thought. Needed some tightening up but we practiced a lot and got good. I wrote and sang all the songs. I loved songwriting. At university I got into Dylan, Bowie and Neil Young. They changed the way I wrote songs and I focussed on being a solo act. From then on I’ve always done my thing really. Always writing and always trying to move forward.

You have released a lot of songs to a high calibre, what is your secret when writing new music?

Why, thank you very much. I really know if there is a secret ingredient. If anything I actually don’t think a secret method or technique exists. I’m a firm believer that the best way to get better at something is to just do it, over and over again. And with songwriting it’s particularly hard to do that. I try to write when I feel like it. If I sit down to write a song I would be able to come up with plenty of ideas but nothing that I would class as worth turning into a song or saving. It’s trial and error. I try to write and practice everyday but if I struggle to be happy and settle on an idea I stop and leave it. I never force my songwriting. It comes naturally. I think I’d get frustrated. Music is more or less my only income at the moment so I’m putting my all into it. Neil Young calls songwriting ‘waiting by the rabbit hole’; which basically means you never know when you’re gonna get something, but you need to be prepared when it does come, because it will if you want it enough.

Talking about songwriting, your latest EP ‘In the Garden’ has a much different feel to your previous releases. What has changed with how you wrote these collection of songs?

I think I knew I’d have the band behind me for this one. So, in some ways I had that I mind when a particular instrumental part in a song would come up, I knew I could leave it and not have all the ends tied up. The band allow you to have a certain amount of give and take when writing. I only had the lyrics, melody and chords written when we started practicing the songs. The lads in the band came up with their own parts and I think they’ve hit the nail on the head with the type of sound I wanted. I’m thoroughly buzzing about the outcome of the EP and I know the lads and I are overwhelmed by the response it’s had.

From the songs you have created, do you have any personal favourite? If so, which ones and why?

I really like them all but if I was forced to choose I’d say Cornish Coast, Lavender and Wild Flower, and the other two. Haha! I couldn’t choose if I’m honest. They are like my babies at the moment, I’m too close to them. I think in a few months time I’ll be further away from them emotionally to choose one. I like to play Cornish Coast live though. That’s up there.

We know how good your music sounds from your EP, but what can we expect from your lives shows?

With the band everything is turned up a notch. Not in a Spinal Tap sort of way but mainly the energy. A full band brings an different aura that changes my live show from an intimate acoustic gig where you can really get to know the audience into almost an indie/rock gig. People have more sounds to take in  and it makes the show really exciting. For me I love playing with the band because I can really get into it and put on a good show. The EP launch at the end of May is the biggest headline show the band has had, so I’m very excited about that one.

Time for a bit of fun. If you could time travel, who would you like to jam with and why?

Probably Simon & Garfunkel. It’d be class to play some acoustic guitars and harmonise with them. Those two are a force of nature and Paul Simon’s songwriting puts him up there with Lennon and McCartney for me. Oh, and The Beatles would be a good jam as well.

You have had a busy career so far, what has been your personal highlights?

Getting into the iTunes singer/songwriter charts with my EP Ironopolis a few years ago was great. Even though I’m not one for chart chasing, it was such a good confidence boost when I needed it. Other than that I’d say the first full band gig was great. It was July 2015 at The Castle Hotel in Manchester. A sold out show and one I’ll never forget.

Now that ‘In the Garden’ has been released, what are your future goals for your music?

My future goals is to keep writing, keep releasing music and keep it interesting. I love music and songwriting so I’d say it’s gonna be a big part of my life whether or not I make a big career out of it. I’ve got some songs already written for the next EP so I’m gonna get straight onto that.

As you can tell from the interview Scott Lloyd is someone who loves what he does and always strives to deliver his best to the listener. Even during his early releases you could hear this standard within his music which was winning fans with its authentic charm. There is something special about the honest feel to his work that makes you want to hear more.

When you listen to the EP’s Long Live You, The Northern Gate, Give Me Something and Ironopolis in order you can notice that his songwriting go from strength to strength. There are so many outstanding tracks to be found on these releases of which I highly recommend Picture in my Mind, Lone Wolf, Stay with Me and Home. Each one is a stunning example of what he has to offer.

Scott’s latest release ‘In the Garden’ was written during a tough time in his life but in doing so has been a therapeutic process. As the content is more personal he had to ensure his lyrics told his stories in the right manner. The result is his best collection of songs as the honest content and depth is captivating. Its soundtrack is a bit different to his usual acoustic tone as he is joined by his band. This gives a much fuller sound and its good.

Each track feels like a new chapter with something a little different to offer the listener and my favourite from it is called Lavender. There is something about this one with its nice upbeat feel which keeps grabbing my attention with each listen. Scott’s vocals have always been good but his tone on this one has an irresistible warmth that pulls you in. It’s just one of those songs that just feels right and another reason to check out his music.

If you want to discover more from Scott Lloyd then you can do so by visiting his Soundcloud and Spotify pages. If your ears like what they hear then you can purchase it digitally from the usual online stores of Amazon and iTunes. Alternatively, you can grab the EP’s on CD from his store (click HERE).

For all other information including new releases, upcoming shows and more then visit You can also find him at his social media sites at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Don’t forget that independent and unsigned music can only continue with the support of its fans. So, if you are like what you hear from Scott Lloyd then tell the world all about him today!

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