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The spotlight this month moves onto the singer songwriter Matt Fryers. Here is someone who has been involved with music since an early age with various bands, but in 2010 he decided to go on his own journey. From then he has been busy making a name for himself and building a fan base with a good mixture of covers songs as well as his own work. His live shows have been gaining nothing but praise for his lyrical talents and his powerful vocal presence.

After various singles over the last few years, Matt Fryers has now decided to release his debut EP called ‘Raw’. This collection of songs have been recorded in a live environment and doing so gives the listener a true experience of the music he creates.

Before we share our thoughts about the new release, Matt was kind enough to answer some questions that we had about his world of music. This is what he had to say:

Who or what was it that inspired you to become a musician?

It kind of happened by accident. My brother was learning the keyboard when I was around 10 years old. I was very competitive as a kid, so not to be outdone, I took lessons also. I stayed with it though and found I had a reasonable amount of natural ability. From that point, I became obsessed with making and performing music. Over the years, many acts (including unsigned artists), have given me inspiration and provided me with the motivation to push my career forward (also music is the only thing I’m really any good at).


Which musicians have been the biggest influence on you and your sound?

I spent a large portion of my youth listening to indie music, my favourite band of the time being Oasis. I spent years writing in that style, with influences also from bands such as Ocean Colour Scene, The Verve, and Radiohead. As I moved into my mid/late teens rock music took over. I’d say Tool, Linkin Park, Pearl Jam and Staind had the biggest impact on my music from this time. Over the years I have grown to like many different genres of music that have I think subconsciously had an impact on my style and sound. But my roots always lie with rock and indie.

You have decided to release your new music as a live version. What was your reason for creating your release this way?

I am currently working with a good producer friend of mine Jaleel, on a new EP, which is going to be fully produced with an electronic vibe. This is going to be more of a collaboration and will give fans of my style and sound something new. However, I didn’t want to just put that out there and not have any examples of my raw acoustic sound. So we decided to do ‘Raw’. A one off live session that would pick up some of the emotion and vibe of my live performances. This is how I always play live. Just me and a guitar. So it gives people a chance to enjoy the music how it would usually be played. I think less is more sometimes.

From the songs on offer, which one stands out for you the most and why?

Stitch. This is my latest song, and there’s always something about having something fresh and current that makes playing a song exciting. It was written the same week we did the live session so it’s only been played live once. Also, it’s a song which has helped me get something off my chest. The song is basically about the first time I got my ass kicked real bad. I find that once I’ve written about something, I can draw a line under It and move on. This happened to me when I was 16, but we all carry our baggage for longer than we need to.

Bit of fun now. If there were to be a movie made about your world of music, who would you like to play you and why?

Just because he’s an acting genius probably Tom Hardy. He can grow a good beard too. Which is an absolute must!! Can’t have someone playing me and wearing a fake beard. Plus he’s got that star power so people might actually go and watch it.

Finally, what are your future plans and goals for your music?

As mentioned earlier, I am currently working on my next EP ‘Wasteland’ which will be a more electronic sounding record. Then after that, I will be releasing ‘Raw – The Live Sessions Part 2’ probably just after Christmas if all goes to plan.

I have done many interesting collaborations over the past few years, and I’m hoping this release leads to some more exciting opportunities to work with other musicians. The goal is always to keep learning new things, to work hard, and to write and perform music that connects with people.


As mentioned during the interview, Matt has decided to record his new collection of songs in a live environment. This has resulted in a stripped back vibe and all the focus is on him and his guitar. It is this combination that makes this EP stand out.

As soon as the EP begins with ‘Last Words’ you are instantly introduced to a gentle sound from Matt’s acoustic guitar. He uses his 6 string to perfection to subtlety deliver a delicate tone which is integral to what these songs have to offer. Listening to ‘Stitch’ and ‘Pages’ you get to experience his various techniques on the guitar that can be so hypnotic and also used deliver so much emotion.

There is amazing lyrical content to be consumed throughout this release but you need the right delivery for maximum effect. Luckily for Matt, this is something he does not need to worry about as he has a voice that grabs a listeners attention. Each song shows off this gift which never fails to deliver with its combination of emotion and an impressive vocal range. Just listen to the outstanding track ‘Fear of the In-Between’ and you will understand why he has been receiving so much praise for this talent.

There is no weak song amongst the EP ‘Raw’ and it showcases everything which makes the music of Matt Fryers stand out. You can grab a free copy from, so what are you waiting for? From here you can also find out more about this talented singer songwriter including upcoming shows. You can also find this information on his social media sites at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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