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When you listen to the debut album Waking from Lucy Kitchen, it is difficult not to be impressed with her gentle flowing vocal talent. This release resulted in nothing but praise for this singer-songwriter with her own style of acoustic folk music.

After a successful crowdfunding project via Pledge Music, she has returned with her highly anticipated follow up album Sun to My Moon. But before the review, Lucy was kind enough to talk about her world of music and this is what she had to say:

Was there someone or something that influenced you into becoming a musician?

As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a musician of some sort. My first ‘musical dream’ was to be a classical soloist on the flute. I saved all my birthday and pocket money up from when I was 5 or 6 to buy a flute and got one for my 8th birthday. Then when I was about 15 my Dad started bringing records and tapes home for me from the library he worked at, things he thought I’d like and I got really into writing poetry /lyrics and then my Mum and Dad bought me a guitar when I was 16 and that was it really. So, I guess my parent’s had a big role in me becoming a musician. They always really encouraged me when my dream was the flute (and I work as a flute teacher now so I still have a bit of that) and then when I really got into writing and singing they did the same.

Are there any musicians who influence your music and the type of sound you have created? 

There’s definitely a few, some have been key at certain times and others have stayed with me and continue to inspire me. I’ve been a massive Mazzy Star and Hope Sandoval fan since the 90s and she’s still putting out music with Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions. Her voice and the mood her music creates has something so unique to it…you’d never not know it was her. So that’s been an ongoing one. Of course I love Joni Mitchell and she’s someone who’s music I return to and go back into but I don’t listen to the whole time. Some music I listen to seasonally, so there’s particular albums that always seem to fit the autumn and spring. I love Angus and Julia Stone’s music. They always have such good sounds on their albums and there’s an ease to the feel which I love. I could list a load but I love that feeling of discovering new music that sparks inspiration and I tend to absorb myself in albums once I’ve found one I like.

Your debut album ‘Waking’ was received to great reviews. Did you decide to follow the same formula when approaching the new album or did you set new goals?

I wanted to approach the new album differently but I did keep some things the same. I knew I wanted to go for a fuller band sound on some of the songs and I knew I wanted to introduce electric guitar and some piano. A key thing for me was keeping a natural ‘live’ feel. We were originally going to go into the studio for a week and just do all the songs as a band but we had to change our plans as the studio landlord sold it to a developer and they had to clear it out when we were planning on going in. So we ended up doing two really intense days of me getting the vocals and guitar down live and then recorded everything else in different places over the next few months.

How did you feel when you listened to the new album in full for the first time?

I had a few different listening points to the album in full but the main one was after Tali had done the first final mix and there were a couple of songs that I hadn’t heard with all the parts on and that was pretty special as I’d no idea what they were going to sound like. Summer Queen in particular, was the very last one and it was doing Tali’s head in mixing it, and he sent me a text saying ‘I think I’ve had a break through’ and when he sent it over I was so happy with how it had turned out. There’s an immense feeling of accomplishment when you hear everything and it’s how you envisaged it at the start.

Which song stand out the most from the new release and why?

This is a tricky one as I’ve had favourite songs at different stages of making the album but I’d have to say ‘Searching for Land’. It’s one that really came together once the extra parts were on and I very nearly called the album Searching for Land. For me when the hammond comes in it just lifts off and I love it!

What doe the future hold for Lucy Kitchen and her music?

I have lots of plans (possibly too many!). First up, I have the London show on the 5th November at Servant Jazz Quarters and then a few other shows before the end of the year. I’m currently planning a little tour for Feb/March time, including the aim of playing up North and I’m hoping to head over to Europe at Easter to play a few shows. New songs are being written and I have a few ideas of the shape of the next album or EP. I’m also working on lots of collaborations on the electronic music side, some of which I’m really excited about.


Sun to My Moon is a delicate, intimate and beautiful album that will sweep you away. The combination of her stunning vocals and soft guitar style is mesmerising. The way she uses the six-string feels simplistic but it offers much more than you realise at first. The strumming patterns and finger picking techniques set the scenes and the atmosphere as the perfect backdrop for her stories. There are times when additional musical layers are added (including some wonderful use of the keys) but they still keep to the albums gentle tone. Listen to the wonderful track Summer Queen to experience how good it all sounds.

This album floats from traditional folk to an Americana vibe, with some songs blending the two genres. From these musical stages, Lucy is able to show off her storytelling qualities. These are filled with a range of emotion that she expresses with ease when she sings. When she does so, it is effortless and a wonderful listening experience. The title track Sun to my Moon is a perfect example of her voice at its finest.

This is an album that will steal your time, but in a good way due to its stunning sounds and Lucy’s vocals. You can listen to Sun to My Moon at her Bandcamp page and if you like what you hear then check out her store on where to purchase a copy (click HERE).

To find out more about this talented singer-songwriter, including upcoming shows then list her website at You can also find this information on her social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

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