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When it comes to music, there’s nothing better than hearing a singer who really connects with their lyrics. This results in a genuine emotion that is simply captivating. One musician who demonstrates this quality is Foxpalmer (aka Fern McNulty). Her debut release ‘Locked in Memory’ has been receiving nothing but praise for this reason as well as her soulful voice.

To help give us more of an insight into this album and her world of music, Fern was kind enough to get involved. She talks about her influences, goals for her debut release and more. This is what she had to say:

Was there someone or something that influenced you to take the path as a musician?

When I was very young my Dad who’s also a musician used to take me downstairs to watch VH1 really early in the morning and Sheryl Crow came on with her song ‘All I Wanna do’, from that moment I knew what I wanted to do. Sheryl Crow was a massive inspiration for me when I was young, I asked my parents for a Sheryl Crow album for Christmas and at 7 it became my first album, I still listen to her music pretty much every day. I was dyslexic and struggled sometimes at school and music was pretty much the only thing I really loved and felt I was good at, everything about it was magical to me from wondering round music shops to going to rock concerts.

Which artists influence your music and the type of sound you create?

Again Sheryl Crow would be the winner for this question, I love lots of different types of music and I wouldn’t necessarily think that the artists I love particularly sound like my music but I would say that I am a big fan of 90’s female singer songwriters, grunge and rock bands so to name a few of my favourites Alanis Morrisette, Fleetwood Mac (although older than 90’s), Shania Twain, Bush, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam…..

Once you began working on your album ‘Locked in Memory’, did you have any goals in mind?

My main goal for my music has always been that I really want as many people to hear it as possible, when I started ‘Locked in Memory’ in was back in 2011, I kept meaning to finish it but kept writing new songs that I felt had to go on the EP so it ended up taking about 6 years to actually finish and I still had to force myself to not put a couple of new songs on their, that will have to be for the next EP. In a way though, I’m pleased it took me so long because I feel like the EP is a journey and lots of things happened within that 6 years, good and bad thus I learnt alot about myself. I wouldn’t have been able to write the later songs on the EP like ‘End’ so I hope/believe that it was worth waiting for.

Do you have a favourite song from the release? If so, which one?

It’s difficult for me to pin down a favourite song but I would say my favourite 2 are ‘End” and ‘Where do You Sleep Tonight’, perhaps because they are the most recent so I feel most in touch with these 2 songs now however all the songs on there mean alot to me in different ways so I am hoping that people who listen to it all perhaps have different favourites from it.

What doe the future hold for FoxPalmer and her music?

The future for me is to continue on my never ending journey in getting as many people as possible to hear my music both from ‘Locked in Memory’ and newer music I am currently writing and will continue to write etc. This year my intention is to play as many festivals as possible next year and record a short 2 track EP of two new songs in January. As well as this, I want to make a video over the next 2 months. I endlessly connect with new people about my music and play as many shows as I can, so please keep in tune.

As soon as the album begins with the song ‘End’ you are instantly welcomed by Fern’s warm and heartfelt tone. The way that she shares her words feels so genuine and this is what makes her music stand out so much. Her voice flows so effortlessly throughout this release and on occasion delivers a punch when it is required. This all helps to give her words an enchanting quality to hold the listener’s attention.

In support is a mini-orchestra filled with strings, keys and some wonderful work on the acoustic guitar. These musical layers are used perfectly to mirror the emotions for each track to enhance what this album has to offer.

Locked in Memory’ offers so much with its blend of folk, country, soul and pop rock. There are no weak songs to be found on this album. Instead, you will have standout tracks like ‘End’ and ‘Pieces’ grabbing your attention. To listen to the music of Foxpalmer at its finest then check out ‘Where do you sleep tonight?’. It’s acoustic Americana sound is wonderful on the ears but it’s the emotional vocal display that will blow you away.

Head over to Foxpalmer’s Soundcloud page or Spotify to listen to ‘Locked in Memory’ in full. To purchase a copy, go to iTunes, Amazon or Screamlite’s Bandcamp page. If you would like to find out more about her world of music, including upcoming shows then head on over to her social media sites on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are a fan, then don’t forget to do your part and spread the word about Foxpalmer today!

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