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The Appetizer Radio Show logo

Great music is an experience.
More than sound, more than notes, more than audio. Great music is a living thing that serves different roles in each of our lives.
The Appetizer Radio Show and platform is a celebration of great music and the impact is makes with us.
The Appetizer is not a playlist of random songs or a music mix. We serve truly great music that has made an impact with us, so you know that it’s not a random selection.

D Grant Smith and the rest of our team are music curators who put their mind, hearts, and souls into the selections of music each week, cultivating a playlist each week built around specific themes and ideas. This is a listening experience that makes you think, engages your mind and heart in new ways. If you want background noise, you’ll need to find another listening option. We’re a music experience that showcases great music, both from known and established artists as well as unknown, unsigned, emerging and indie musicians.

Since 2003, D Grant Smith has hosted and curated music selections in a variety of styles and genres. We consistently feature music in folk, rock, singer-songwriter, alternative and cross-over styles. You never know when a blues, jazz, funk, or R&B style will sneak its way into the theme of a week.

The Appetizer Radio Show is a nationally syndicated radio program heard on public, community, indie and web radio stations across the US and online via our website here. Our audiences also include areas in Canada and Europe. If you’d like to add our program to your station, contact D Grant Smith and let him know your interests. Contact D Grant via email (dgrant.appetizerradio@gmail.com)

If you have a question, comment or request, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Curators

D Grant Smith with Iron & Wine
D Grant Smith with Iron & Wine

D Grant Smith

Me and Mrs. Smith (yeah I married up)
Me and Mrs. Smith (yeah I married up)
D Grant created our program in 2003 and birthed us for our first audience in Abilene, Texas.
He had a hand in helping to expose the fantastic talents of indie musicians like Lindsay Katt, William Fitzsimmons, Bess Rogers and others to a national audience in 2007 before they became more well known.
Since then, D Grant worked to curate musicians’ talents, introducing indie music to a broad audience before it was trendy and before the word “indie” was every used in modern lingo. He works steadily to find and showcase music that he believes is remarkable and worthy of recognition. His passion for celebrating great talent is evident in each week’s radio broadcast.

D Grant also helps unsigned and DIY musicians as well as entrepreneurs find their path forward through private coaching and mentoring. More information on his services, books, seminars and more are available at dgrantsmith.com.

Aside from music, D Grant is a big fan of comic books and comic book films, particularly the Avengers and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. He’s also very into football, a born and raised Alabama fan, a recovering Chicago Bear fan who roots for the Texans (complicated yes!). D Grant is also into boxing and can get nerdy on the subject of Rocky films. He and his wife Mrs. Smith live just outside of Abilene with their 2 cats and enjoy DIY projects, dinner parties, and great conversation.

Gabe with Wanda Jackson
Gabe with Wanda Jackson
Gabe Crawford
Gabe Crawford a true music and vinyl enthusiast. He currently has 1200 vinyl records to his name and he is consistently buying more. Although vinyl is his favorite medium of music, he also enjoys a lofty CD and digital music collection as well. Gabe has room for every kind of music in his collection. He has artists ranging from Frank Sinatra to Loretta Lynn. He also has a fantastic blog for vinyl enthusiasts called The Vinyl Vortex. Aside from collecting vinyl and listening to music he enjoys making his own. He is a professionally trained vocalist who has been singing nearly since he was child. Gabe is also a ravenous Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball fan when he is not found at local concerts.

RichardLyne Richard Lyne
Richard is a regular contributor to our blog, offering his keen insights into new artists and albums each week. Currently a student at Abilene Christian University studying English, he enjoys time with friends and an occasional game of Texas holdem.

Richard was born in England and moved to America at an early age. He has a love for British culture, from their rock influences to their cuisine. His interests and hobbies include reading books of all kinds, study of the Bible, all kinds of games, visual arts, film, and cooking, to name a few. When he graduates, he hopes to become a writer or perhaps to work in radio.

Meg Patton
Meg is a graphic design major at ACU and is responsible for our weekly episode logos. Her graphic design talents are immense, with experience in branding, infographics, and more. Originally from the Abilene area, she is passionate about her friends, family and enjoying the experiences of life.

Josh Ramseur
Josh was born in Seattle and grew up in Texas. Most of his life has been defined by the sublimely supreme talent of being socially awkward, and so from an early age he gravitated to societal areas where interpersonal interaction was not required. This is how he found music and skateboarding, two modes of art that propelled Josh to self-creation via an positively individualistic, Do-It-Yourself mentality that, along with other powerful figures, taught him how to work hard, value people, and achieve what he desires in life.
Josh is currently a student at Abilene Christian University and active in the underground art scene as a self-published writer and tours in the progressive rock band Revivalist.
“Music has led me from skateboarding and parent-enraging music to the independent, underground forums that have helped to make me who I am today. What I write here is an expression of my thankfulness to it. I just hope my loud opinions don’t scare anyone off.”

Other Contributors
Will Reid
Will is a long-time friend of Smith and one of the most all-around talented creators we’ve had the privilege to work with. A graduate in Graphic Arts, Will currently works for Democracy Now!, one of the premier public radio news programs in the country. His contributions to our blog reveal aspects of his multi-faceted talents.

Molly Longmire
Molly is a longtime music fan, especially in indie folk, country, and rock. Her familiarity with numerous indie acts is outstanding, not to mention her incredible writing talent. Her introspective and op-ed pieces are second to none, and her reviews strike a new chord with those searching for meaningful sounds in their life.

Patti Moulton
Patti is a music connoisseur who enjoys listening, attending concerts, and writing about her experiences. A fan of film as well, she contributes weekly to our blog through honest, heart-felt album reviews as well as artist critiques.

If you’d like to be a contributor to our blog or if you’d like to make a guest post, Contact D Grant via email (dgrant.appetizerradio@gmail.com)

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