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Despite that fact that this is a blog, we’re actually connected to a syndicated radio show, hosted by The Audience Growth Farmer D Grant Smith.

If you want to put your music in front of a nation-wide audience either through radio airplay or by a blog review from one of our writers, you have 2 options.

You can send a concise email to D Grant that says 2 key things. First, let us know what it is you’re looking for (review, airplay, feedback, or a combination). Finally, tell us why your music is a good fit for our audience and our programming. This means you should listen to the show first before contacting. You can do that by playing the streaming program on any of our Playlist posts. Be sure to put “Submission For The Appetizer Radio Show” in the subject line and send it to

If you’d like to tell us a little about you and your music so we have a better grid for your story and songwriting, that will help you too.

Sending a blanket email is going to look like a spam message and we likely will not respond to that.

If you’d like to shorten the process for submission, you can put a song in front of D Grant directly through Fluence. Follow this link here to submit:

For more info on how to write an effective music submission to other radio stations, blogs, podcast hosts, and playlist makers, grab D Grant’s acclaimed book that covers the process here:

DGS_RadioHandbook_Cover-1A While we’ve been a giant resource for musicians through radio airplay for over 13 years, many great indie, public and community radio stations do what we do on a daily basis. Reaching them isn’t rocket science, but many artists (and promoters) go about contacting radio the wrong way. It’s one of the things D Grant has helped to change in his debut book The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook. Discover the best way to get targeted radio airplay on stations who will support your music and your career.

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